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Nobody likes thinking about unwanted visitors like termites, bed bugs and roaches. But it’s not something you can neglect — especially in Austin, TX. The unique climate makes places like Austin, TX especially attractive to pests. That’s why it’s vital to the health of your family — and the investment in your home — to select a pest control expert who’s reliable, trustworthy and effective. It’s difficult to know what pest control service providers in Austin, TX are among the best. Fortunately, the At Home Pros network accepts only those who are licensed and insured, and come with sterling reputations. You can get the number or quotes you like. And the services are always backed by the At Home Pros money-back guarantee. So, enjoy a home in Austin, TX that’s free from pests. Contact At Home Pros today.

General Pest Control in Austin, TX

If you live in Austin, TX, then it is likely that you have dealt with pests that have invaded your home. Nicknamed the Live Music Capital of the world, Austin is also the capital of Texas, in addition to being its fourth-largest city. Over the past couple of decades, the city has also become known as Silicon Hills, for the multiple tech companies that have locations in the city, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. This has been one of the reasons that Austin has been the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country over the past eight years. The city also balances the number of large corporations with its motto, “Keep Austin Weird”, meant to promote small business. With such a diversity among its people and economy, it is no wonder Austin’s population continues to grow. As more structures are built to accommodate the many people flocking to the area, it provides more opportunities for pest infestations in these homes and buildings. Some of the most common invasive pests you will find in residences include roaches, bed bugs, spiders and mice. These kinds of infestations can be expensive to eliminate without professional help as they may damage furniture or even cause significant harm to the structural integrity of your home. 

Protect your home by calling a pest control professional to ensure the longevity of your property and the health of your family. The costs of repairs due to infestation can run into the thousands of dollars. Hiring a pest control expert will save you money in the long run and keep your family safe from many different health-related threats that bugs and rodents can introduce into your home. Scorpions are a particularly frightening pest because of their exceptionally painful strings, which can be fatal. Luckily, while there are about 1500 species of scorpions, only about 30 have venom strong enough to be dangerous, and only one, the Arizona bark scorpion, is located in the United States. When they make their way indoors to avoid extreme temperatures, scorpions can be found in your walls, basement, bathroom, and even attic, which is why it is important to ensure possible entry points are sealed. 

Pest infestations are often located in dark, secluded, and not easily accessible areas of your home. It can also take time to see the full extent of an infestation as some pests tend to live where they are least seen such as inside objects, walls, flooring and in attics and crawl spaces. Spotting a pest problem is a sign that there may be more pests elsewhere in your home, but you would have little evidence if all you saw was one or two crawling insects. 

Common rodents like rats and mice often invade homes for food or because they have been forced from their natural habitats due to construction. They can cause extensive damage, chewing through walls and contaminating food with disease. They also cause fires when they gnaw on electrical wires, which is very dangerous. 

Cockroaches are some of the hardest to get rid of as they can breathe through tiny cracks in your walls and live for months without food. They will contaminate food and leave chemical trails for other cockroaches to follow. Professional cockroach extermination is the only way to ensure that they are gone once and for all.  

Austin, TX At Home Pros: Protect Your Home from Current and Future Pest Infestations 

With the average cost of a home in Austin, TX valued at over $575,000, the best action to take when dealing with a pest infestation of any kind in Austin, TX is to call a knowledgeable pest control company. At Home Pros can help you find the right one for you. Your personal pest control recommendation made by the experts with At Home Pros can find evidence of pest infestations that may be difficult to see with the naked eye such as larvae, egg casings and cast skins—all things that you need professional training and equipment to identify. The right pest care professionals will also know where pests may have gained entry into your home so they can stop them from returning by identifying their entry points, and sealing up any cracks or crevices where pests might be coming into your home. Reach out to At Home Pros either by phone or through our website for professional pest control recommendations in Austin, TX today!