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If pests are taking over your home, it’s time to take control. You can trust the pest control experts at Terminix — one of the nation’s top exterminator teams. Whether you’re dealing with roaches and bed bugs, or facing a termite problem or rodent issue, the Terminix team of 8,000+ technicians will get to work right away for pest control you can count on. With more than 90 years of experience, Terminix relies on the world’s top entomologists and pest specialists to develop the powerful, innovative pest control technologies used by 2+ million homeowners like you. After all, pests affect not only your investment in your home, but also the health and safety of your family. So, take control. Trust your home to the experience and expertise of Terminix.

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Our services ensure that you have a clean, pest-free home without the worries of finding pests in your morning cereal.
Everyone’s familiar with the act of spraying, but there is a lot more to our experts’ pest control services, including:

Save $50.00
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The Nix Pest Guarantee means you can relax knowing we’ll nix your pest problem, and keep it nixed. And if pests come back between treatments, so will we — at no additional cost to you.

Terminix Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

With the average cost of an Atlanta, GA home at over $320,000, protecting your home from termites and pests is an important step in preserving your valuable investment. The damage from termites and other pests to your property can wind up costing thousands of dollars to repair. Problems due to infestations can also affect the value of your home by having to remedy the damage. Don’t take chances with your most valued asset and unnecessary costs. At Home Pros recommends protecting yourself by calling a top-rated Terminix pest control expert today. Terminix exterminators in the Atlanta, GA area are only a call away and will help you safeguard your lifetime investment.

If you live in Atlanta, GA, the land of Dirty Birds, The Braves, and now home of the Atlanta United – you’re probably already aware of the most common pests and usual suspects in your region. Like much of the southeast, Atlanta is a favorite for Pests like roaches, bed bugs, spiders, mice, and rats, costing Atlanta area homeowners’ money and frustration. If you have not experienced it personally, then you may know friends or neighbors that have had to deal with the cost and anxiety associated with pest removal. A 2017 List put Atlanta in the top 10 for pest infestations, with 25% of surveyed homes having Roaches – another put the ATL in the top five cities with Termite infestations. Roaches can pose a serious health risk and carry diseases, while termites alone can cause devastating damage to property. They are voracious break-in artists able to enter homes in the smallest crack; presently over 40 species can be found in every state except Alaska.  Some single colonies of termites can eat up to 1,000 pounds of wood each year.

In addition to termites, mice and rats also pose a significant threat to homes and businesses in the Atlanta area, as well as to the inhabitants. Rodents can make their way in the smallest opening, and once in, their feces can spread diseases such as hantavirus and salmonellosis. Their infected fleas can still even spread the bubonic plague. Common mice and rats in the Atlanta area include the House and Deer Mouse, the Norway Rat, and the Roof Rat. The notorious Roof Rat is especially adept at invading homes and attics as their name suggests and can even do significant damage to the home itself as well. Rodents will chew holes to get into the home, breaking the home’s seal against the elements – this can lead to rot and mold. They will chew through baseboards, sheetrock, and destroy wiring and insulation within walls. As they go, they soak materials they traverse with their urine as well as bring in other parasites that hitch a ride along with them.

The diseases that can be spread by other pests such as ticks and mosquitos are seemingly endless and can be of serious consequence. Ticks are known to be bad in the Atlanta and Georgia region, and the high humidity and general rainfall patterns make it a breeding ground for Mosquitos and all the headline-grabbing diseases they are known to carry. Getting reliable pest control can be an important step for making sure your home and family are both protected!

Top Pest Exterminators Atlanta, GA: Protecting Your Home and Family

You can trust Terminix experts to use the most advanced and up-to-date techniques for treating and mitigating termites and pests. The most common treatments involve liquid barriers and baiting systems to keep out pests and destroy the colonies. Regardless of the system, you can be assured that Terminix pest control professionals use both effective and safe methods to treat the problem. Terminix exterminators are compliant with regulations and have your safety in mind. Don’t risk your family’s health by doing it yourself. Trust in Terminix’s expertise. Call now to protect your greatest investments and eliminate pests and termites now!