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Your area has a unique climate that can be hard on heating and air conditioning systems. So, it’s not surprising that top-quality HVAC service professionals are in high demand in Jacksonville, FL. But it’s not always easy to know which Jacksonville, FL HVAC providers are reputable. Should you just go with the HVAC business names you see on your local billboards? Can you really trust online reviews? How can you know they’re licensed and insured?

The answer is easy: At Home Pros. We take care of the legwork for you, carefully screening every HVAC business in Jacksonville, FL that applies to become a member of our network. Only the best are accepted. That means, when we match you to an HVAC contractor, you’re getting the very best your local area has to offer. Let At Home Pros get you connected today.

HVAC Pros in Jacksonville, FL

Your HVAC system is more than just a way to heat or cool your home. It affects the quality of air inside and keeps you comfortable during all seasons, but it doesn’t stop there. The source of fresh air intake can be natural ventilation, which typically occurs through windows/doors/vents in any house; or mechanical cooling with different types like window units, split systems, central forced hot water heating unit type etc.

HVAC systems use quite a bit of energy to do their jobs. Which is no shock to anyone who’s seen an energy bill, and also why if you have a system that is operating suboptimally, it’s in your best interest to contact a professional. A sluggish HVAC system can not only make seasonal weather less bearable, it can actually cost much more money to run poorly. And there are many variables to consider when attempting to diagnose the issue. With the average cost of a home in Jacksonville, FL valued at over [home_value} it is important to keep your HVAC system in prime condition to ensure that your home is well heated and cooled all while keeping your energy bills in check. Sometimes it feels like living in Florida would be impossible without A/C. So you should always have your unit looked at by a pro every year to keep it in peak condition. Just in case they find any issues you should do this during low usage times such as December. You should also have your heat pump looked at around September or October.

It is always recommended that you let a professional handle the installation of your HVAC system. Improper instillation can cause early system failure and use more electricity, driving your bill up even in the winter. If your equipment needs frequent repairs and monthly energy bills are increasing, your HVAC system’s efficiency may have deteriorated. One definite way of telling your unit is not operating at its peak is if it shakes, rattles or hums loudly. If you’ve noticed certain rooms in your home are significantly hotter or colder than others, or that the various vents around your home blow either warmer or cooler than others, or blow at different pressures, improper previous repairs, duct issues or problems with insulation could be the culprit. A/C units have several key signs that signal it’s time to replace the unit. These can include some that may be obvious like your utility bills rising unexpectedly or your home feeling less comfortable. Some signs may be less obvious like your unit running constantly or the age of your unit being over 15 years.

If your heat pump or air conditioning unit is more than 10 years old, it may be time to call At Home Pros to recommend a professional in Jacksonville, FL to come take a look to see what improvements can be made, or if your system needs to be replaced. Look for the ENERGY STAR label when considering a replacement. When installed correctly, these units can save up to 20% on cooling as well as heating costs.

Another very smart way to upgrade your heating and air conditioning in Jacksonville, FL is to get a programmable thermostat installed if you don’t already have one. There are also new systems that include technology features that help to operate more efficiently than traditional systems. Some smart HVAC systems can include variable speed compressors, capable of varying speeds to match how much of a temperature change is needed.

Your Guide to the Best HVAC Specialists in Jacksonville, FL: At Home Pros

At Home Pros provides recommendations for air conditioning, heating, water heater and electrical professionals to help service your home in Jacksonville, FL. Our air conditioning and heating expert matches can make your home a more comfortable place to live, of course, but can also provide data and information so you can make an informed decision on upgrades and repairs. At Home Pros’ collection of professionals have the experience and the tools to make sure the job is done right with quality, reliability and convenience. So whether you need a small repair, a complete overhaul or a smart home upgrade, At Home Pros will steer you in the right direction. Give us a call or find us online today!