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Homeowners in Dallas, TX are faced with a dizzying array of flooring choices. Some environments are better suited to tile or luxury vinyl plank, while others call for the comfort of carpet or hardwoods. When you’re ready to make decisions about flooring, count on the most reputable professionals in Dallas, TX . Our network of flooring design and installation pros have been fully vetted, and only licensed, insured flooring contractors are accepted. They’re here to help you save on energy costs, improve your home’s value and create a beautiful living experience, no matter what part of Dallas, TX you call home. So, don’t wait. Reach out to At Home Pros today and connect to the best flooring professionals in Dallas, TX for your next project.

Top Flooring Pros in Dallas, TX

Your home’s floor creates connection. Your home’s floors are the part of your home with which you come into physical contact with the most. But your home’s floor is not just how you physically connect with your home, it’s also the part of the home that connects the rest of your furniture and decor to one another.

When walking into a property, the flooring, more so than any other aspect of your home, makes a large first impression. Good flooring can positively reflect the feel of a home. Conversely, flooring that contrasts the aesthetic of the rest of a property can be unsettling. Imagine having a glorious, regal chandelier in a foyer, and underfoot is the kind of laminate tiles you might find in a diner. Harmonious home decor must include suitable flooring for a balanced look that reflects your personal style and conveys a welcome feel to all who enter. With the average cost of a home in Dallas, TX  valued at over $250,000 amount it is important to find the perfect flooring that will compliment your home.

Your home’s flooring should not just conform to your home’s overall aesthetic, it should also fit your family’s lifestyle. Which is why determining the best kind of flooring to install in Dallas, TX  can be a big task. You will have to determine how much time you’re willing to dedicate to cleaning the floors should play a factor in choosing what type of flooring to install. Do you prefer floors designed to be easy to clean or flooring designed to last longer? Your choice of flooring should take into consideration where you have high-traffic areas, whether you have children or pets, or may plan to in the future.

Carpet tile lasts the fewest number of years of the many popular flooring types, but is also easy to replace because you can replace just one tile or a selection of tiles rather than the whole floor. Laminate flooring is affordable and easy to clean, but can be costly to repair as it must be replaced once it’s damaged.

Should you wish to go with a wood floor, its durability depends on the type of wood from which it’s made. If you choose a softer variety of wood, your floor may be more prone to scratching and scuffing than floors made from harder wood types. Large scratches or chips in the surface leave it vulnerable to water damage so the fact that any significant damage needs immediate repairs should be something you take into consideration before installing it in your home.

Help with all your Flooring Needs in Dallas, TX: At Home Pros

When it comes to the look and health of your home, you don’t want to leave flooring repair and installation to just anyone in Dallas, TX . You want to make sure that you find a reputable company who can service all your flooring needs. That’s where At Home Pros comes in: you can trust us to find you a local crew of experts in Dallas, TX  who will use the most advanced and up-to-date techniques for flooring installation, maintenance and repair. Our recommended flooring professionals use both effective and safe methods to best suit the specific surfaces of your choice, saving you time and money by ensuring it’s done correctly. Reach out now to protect and beautify your home.